Norton Security Deluxe

The stalwart among software titles that protect against malicious files

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  • Category Anti-virus
  • Program license Free to Try
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  • Size 240.20 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP / Windows 10 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Symantec

Norton is one of the most respected names in the computer security world, and with Norton AntiVirus, you can now protect your computer from a range of different threats.

Most web browsers today come with basic security software and features that offer some protection. If you attempt to view a dangerous site, your browser should send up a notification that stops you from loading that page. No matter how careful you are when surfing the web, you can still download a virus when opening your email messages, downloading a new game or even visiting a less reputable site.

Norton AntiVirus software comes with some useful features that you'll love. It will show you exactly how much of your CPU your system uses and how strong the program thinks your computer is based on that usage. Its Live Update feature lets you know when you need to download new updates for your computer, and the program will automatically download and install those updates for you.

You'll also like that the program can scan all files on your computer for suspected threats. It scans your network settings, hidden files and all folders on your hard drive. Though you can let the program delete or remove any infected folders it finds, you can also select an option that lets you examine those folders first. This keeps the program from deleting important or necessary files without your approval. Shorter scans take just a few minutes, but more invasive scans can take hours. Customizable features on the program include an option that lets you exclude certain files from current and upcoming scans.

Norton offers preventative protection too. It will immediately identify threats like adware or spyware that you might encounter on certain websites. This is one of the only programs that can also identify potentially dangerous links you come across on Facebook. Its alerts will keep you from following those links and downloading viruses.

Norton AntiVirus is subscription software that requires you purchase a full license and pay for its services. The free trial lasts for up to a month and limits what you can do. The software is best for newer operating systems because it takes up so much hard drive space. Older systems may operate slower during a scan or when using its other features. Protecting your computer from the threats found when downloading programs and visiting websites requires the use of strong software like Norton AntiVirus.


  • Scans your entire computer to identify potential threats
  • New feature scans Facebook posts for malicious software
  • Support is now available 24/7 via the official website
  • Comes with customized features for advanced users
  • Runs quietly and automatically alerts you of potential problems


  • Free trial limits the changes you can make
  • Will make older computers run slower
  • Longer scans can take hours
  • Large file has a long installation time
  • Will constantly ask you to purchase a full subscription
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